Search System upgraded New Search Screenshot has been built using Drupal 6.x and presently has more than 31, 000 nodes, large number of taxonomy terms (categories).

With this increase in data, we needed an efficient search system so that users can find information easily and afficiently. To provide precise search results to visitors we decided to use ApacheSolr search system for our website.

With new search system, data sorting and further filtering of search results are possible.

For example, college search results can be further filtered by

  • location (city, state)
  • Category
  • Courses offered

Visitors can perform search on entire database and then filter results based on “type of data” such as Articles, Events, Exam notification, Results, Colleges, Courses, News, Hotels, etc

About is a career website with special focus on India. All exam results, upcoming exam notifications, college information, hostel accommodation information, questions papers of colleges and universities, etc. All these information are provided to members / visitors instantly.

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